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Donview Middle Health and Wellness Academy Students Explore the Science of Water

Posted on June 23, 2015
Written by Donview Middle Health and Wellness Academy Grade 8 Class
Ava Latham collects a water sample from a nearby creek. Credit: Alana Guinane An eighth-grade class at Donview Middle Health and Wellness Academy explored the science of water—from learning about water treatment and testing to experimenting with oil removal methods. This highly curious and enthusiastic grade eight class then reported their key findings to Water Canada. What’s in our water? We know that staying hydrated is important to our health and wellness. So we wondered, is our school tap water the same as bottled spring water for drinking [...]

Interview: Laura Brandes of the POLIS Water Sustainability Project

Posted on June 16, 2015
The June 19 POLIS Creating a Blue Dialogue webinar examined the importance of public participation and media engagement in influencing water policy and law reforms. Prior to the webinar, Water Canada reached Laura Brandes, communications director for the POLIS Water Sustainability Project, to discuss the public’s engagement in the development of the new Water Sustainability Act. Water Canada: What is the importance of public participation in the process of reforming water policy? Laura Brandes: When done well, public participation can have a real [...]

VIDEO: OPG's "The Power of Water"

Posted on June 2, 2015
Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is kicking off a new water safety campaign with a public service announcement titled The Power of Water—a 30-second TV spot illustrating the danger of water near hydroelectric dams and generating stations. [...]

International Joint Commission Finds Successes in Great Lakes Basin Protection

Posted on May 25, 2015
Written by Stuart Frings
In 1998, when a Canadian entrepreneur proposed to ship Lake Superior water to Asia by marine tanker, the Canadian and United States governments put protections in place to prohibit the removal of water from the Great Lakes. The protections put in place more than a decade ago have been successful to date. At this point, there have been no new inter-basin or intra-basin diversions approved that would negatively impact the integrity of the Great Lakes due to many of the policy gaps identified by the International Joint Commission (IJC) in 2000 being filled. The [...]

Interview: Steve Litke of the Fraser Basin Council

Posted on May 25, 2015
The May 26 POLIS Creating a Blue Dialogue webinar will focus on Sustainable Financing for Watershed Governance. Prior to the webinar, Water Canada reached out to Steve Litke, senior manager of the Fraser Basin Council’s watersheds and water resources program, to talk about alternative water and watershed governance arrangements and sustainable, long-term funding. Water Canada: What is the Fraser Basin Council, and what are its main goals? Steve Litke: The Fraser Basin Council (FBC) is a nongovernmental, not for profit organization that is working [...]

Video: Introducing ACWA

Posted on April 28, 2015
Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets (ACWA) is a partnership between the University of Calgary and The City of Calgary. ACWA's main goal is to develop wastewater treatment technologies that will remove existing and emerging contaminants to improve ecosystem and human health. [...]

Interview: Vinod Rajasekaran of HUB Ottawa

Posted on April 27, 2015
HUB Ottawa and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada are partnering to launch a microgrant program that will allow eligible projects to raise awareness of Canada's oceans in the nation's capital. Water Canada reached HUB Ottawa's Lead Strategist, Vinod Rajasekaran, via email to learn more about the interesting program. Water Canada: What prompted HUB Ottawa, focused on a city many hundreds of kilometres from the nearest ocean, to partner on a campaign promoting ocean awareness?? Vinod Rajasekaran: Canada is surrounded by water, and it’s a key issue, but [...]

Canadian Energy Companies in the Oil Sand Regions Turning Rapidly to Rail Transportation

Posted on April 16, 2015
Written by Gabriel Flores-Briceno and James Lattuca
The oil sand reserves in Alberta constitute the largest oil deposit in the world. As we increase our reliance on gas, the value of this oil reserve becomes increasingly significant, and as a result, the transportation of this crude oil becomes quite important. In fact, oil sands production is expected to increase threefold by 2035 according to the Canadian Transportation Research Forum. As of late, there seems to be debate amongst environmentalist groups on whether to implement new oil pipelines to satisfy the growing oil demand. These debates are ultimately [...]

Canadian Premium Outlet Centre Searches for Stormwater Solution

Posted on April 15, 2015
Written by Gina Carolan
Toronto Premium Outlets is the first Premium Outlet Centre in Canada. The unenclosed centre sits on a 182.1-decare site approximately 20 minutes west of Toronto in Halton Hills. Four entrances invite shoppers into a single-level, village-style setting with outdoor pedestrian courtyards that provide sufficient coverage for all-weather shopping. Underground stormwater management chambers provide detention to the new Toronto Premium Outlets site. Credit: GeoStorm During the planning stages, a team of engineers and architects collaborated with site owners [...]

INTERVIEW: Randy Christensen on Groundwater Management in British Columbia and California

Posted on March 23, 2015
The POLIS Creating a Blue Dialogue webinar on March 20th focused on recent California law reforms relating to groundwater management and the potential lessons those could offer for British Columbia under the new Water Sustainability Act. Water Canada interviewed webinar participant Randy Christensen, lawyer for Ecojustice Canada and research associate for the POLIS Water Sustainability Project, ahead of the webinar. WC: What groundwater management reforms have been initiated in California? RC: It’s actually three different legislative bills, but [...]
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